I’m an ISU alumnus with a degree in Cybersecurity Engineering. While at ISU, I was deeply involved in the cybersecurity community, serving as an officer in the IEEE Honors Society for three semesters. My passion for penetration testing was nurtured by the curriculum, and I was fortunate to further develop these skills during a summer internship under the mentorship of Professor Doug Jacobson.

The allure of ethical hacking and penetration testing as a full-time career was undeniable. This led me to an internship as a Cyber Consultant at PwC, a role that allowed me to delve deep into the world of pen-testing. Accepting a full-time position with PwC was a natural progression, where I’ve since broadened my skill set to embrace a more comprehensive approach to cybersecurity assessments.

I cherished my role at PwC, not just for the professional growth it offered but also for the personal milestones it has helped me achieve, like purchasing a home and planning a future with my wife. While I was committed to a long-term relationship with PwC, due to low project availability, I unfortunately had to part ways with PwC.

In my previous role as an Experienced Associate at PwC, I played a pivotal role in strengthening client security architectures through penetration testing and cybersecurity assessments. One of the highlights of my time there was my active participation on the Cyber Defence – Penetration Testing CPT² team. Working alongside skilled professionals, I honed my expertise in identifying vulnerabilities and implementing strategic security measures. I take pride in project execution and report delivery at all stages, ensuring effective communication with C-level stakeholders and internal management.